Idèe Fixe

/ senior exhibition

For my senior exhibition, I designed some components to be used in a video game and its promotional material. The title of the game is Idèe Fixe, and I aim to create it in full over the next couple of years. The body of work displayed in my show is a mix of promotional posters made for the game and a sensible user interface design for the game's opening menu screens. Alongside these is a website to say a little bit about the game and allow interested parties to become involved.

Since I haven't developed a strong sense of the visual style I want to use in gameplay, the things I displayed in my show can be mostly used to set a mood for the game and establish some context for the story and setting. I used photography in the menu designs to evoke whatever feelings or memories viewers may conjur when they associate with rural areas and the night sky. Hopefully these feelings are along the lines of awe and comfort. The game won't aim to blow viewers away with special effects or introduce wild creature designs, but rather, will attempt to seduce the viewer with a touching story and relatable character. The poster falls right in line with this goal, I think, by displaying a stylized landscape of geometric geography, mixtures of sunset colors and a huge twilight sky dotted with stars.

Some preliminary sketches are included from my brainstorming phase. The sketches are for my first poster idea and depict a more straightforward scene than any of the other pieces. Also included are some failed logo ideas. My first idea was to spell the title out in the stars as a set of constellations. Next was a plain title using Avenir that I had roughed up a little with some brushes. I felt like it was a step in the right direction, but was still far from what I wanted it to be. The final image depicts a geometric geometric illustration of one of the photos. It could be usable, but I dont think it evoked the same feelings that the photography did.

The website for the game will continue to be updated as the game progresses.