Tesla Bistro

/ branding

Tesla Bistro is a fictional restaurant named after electronics pioneer Nikola Tesla. I wanted the logo to convey an energetic and personal restaurant—a place where you could laugh with a group of friends or sip hot tea with your significant other—the theme, of course, being communication with others. For this, I chose to focus on Tesla's work with wireless communication and radios. He envisioned wireless power and communication, and constant connectivity, luxuries that we now enjoy without second thought. The signal emitting from the top of the logo mark indicates this free aspect of communication, emitting itself outward without boundaries. It could also be more literally representative of the restaurant's encouragement to stay awhile and use their free wifi.

Underneath is a recognizable shape, the speech bubble. The use of this established iconography is intended to evoke comfort and familiarity, and maybe even as a subtle side effect, to stand out to those customers who may read comics. This section of the mark houses the name of the restaurant, placing it at the center of the conversation. Tesla Bistro wants to be a place conducive to communication and relationships, but it would also like its customers to talk about it outside of their visit there.

Visually, I feel like these two pieces come together nicely as a logo mark, the speech bubble acting as a solid foundation for the emitting strokes above it. The logotype was treated to look aged and printed to call to mind the warmth and simplicity of Tesla's era.