Advanced Web Homepage

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For my Advanced Web Design class, we were to make a quick homepage to store links to all of our tests, projects and helpful resources. Having just learned about transform properties, I thought an interesting way to display a list of text would be at an angle. On page load, it looks like the text is on the face of an off-kilter cube, but when you hover over any of the text, it all straightens and becomes readable and clickable. This creates a visual cue that prompts the viewer to interact with the text, which rewards them by making it readable.

Orbital Nav/Adobe Edge Animate

/ website navigation

On my own time, I decided to learn a little about Adobe Edge Animate. I was also wanting to experiment with a non-traditional navigation system for the web inspired by orbiting bodies in space. I'm not quite sure if this is successful as a practical form of navigation, but it's definitely interesting to interact with.